Rannakodu offers large and small groups an opportunity to take advantage of our themed entertainment. Based on the theme, the event can be with a host, performers, accommodation, and catering.


1. Pirate Party

2. Inshore Fishermen

3. Port Tavern

4. Shipwrecked

5. Cruise Ship


1. Pioneer Camp

2. Collective Farm Celebration

3. Disco Stars Summer Camp

4. Holiday Home No. 15

Ask for an offer, let’s plan together!

RMK Kabli Nature Centre is our very good neighbour

Nature Centre is located in a pine forest next to the seaside, on the coast of Gulf of Riga, only a few hundred meters from Rannakodu. Coastal waters, coastal meadows, varied forests, charming bogs, and local scenic sites characterize our surroundings the best.

Kabli Educational Nature Trail

The 1.8 km long nature trail starts from the Kabli Nature Centre and takes about 1–1.5 hours to complete, making it suitable for small children. The trail passes an educational world of nest boxes, bird observation towers, and coastal meadows. In addition to animals and birds, here you can see characteristic and rare species of plants, landscapes, species-rich habitats, and keystone habitats that are characteristic to south west coastal areas of Estonia.

Kabli Bird Station’s

mist nets catch the eye of everyone that drive to Kabli village. They have been used for catching birds and researching their migration for almost 40 years. In addition to birds, here they also examine the migratory movements of bats, dragonflies, and butterflies. The Bird Station runs regularly from mid-August until the beginning of November. During this time, you can also get acquainted with the research carried out at the station if you make prior arrangements with them.

Rannametsa–Tolkuse Educational Nature Trail

starts directly from a parking lot right next to Via Baltica highway. The trail is 2.2 km long and winds through Tolkuse marsh, over dunes, and arrives at Tornimäe hill, where there is a 15 meter high observation tower. With suitable weather, you can see Kihnu island from the top. On the other side of the highway, you will find a nice place to have a picnic and make a campfire.

Laiksaare Educational Trail’s

aim is to present alluvial forests that are rare in Estonia, and their typical plant communities. To complete the trail, one must cross footbridges, make their way over fallen trees, and climb along the riverbank. In the middle of the trail is a small forest hut with a fireplace.

Rae Lake and RMK Hiking Trail

Rae lake is a loved fishing place and a pleasant site for swimming on hot summer days. Here you will find all the necessities for good recreation in nature – parking, toilet, campfire and picnic sites, playing grounds for children, swings, and an educational trail. The hiking trail is 1.7 km long.

Nigula Nature Reserve

covers 6,400 ha of swamps, forests and meadows. A number of hiking trails and observation towers have been set up here, so that visitors could enjoy the untouched nature of the area. Nigula bog educational trail is 6.8 km long and you should set aside about 3–4 h to complete it. The trail runs along the Nigula bog and a large bog lake.

530 m boardwalk leads to the first tower, which offers a magnificent view of the bog and marsh islands covered with old-growth forest. Along the hiking trail, visitors have the opportunity to admire the large forest that is untouched from human activities and, with luck, meet the forest inhabitants. After the trip, it is possible to rest your legs and eat at the parking lot.

Ainaži city

Older people still remember Ainaži with the name Heinaste from when the city was still located within Estonia. After Pärnu, this town is the largest settlement on the coast, where you'll find shops, cash machines, and restaurants. The former Ainaži naval school now holds a museum that tells the story of the former coastal ship craftsmen, ships, and voyages. Of interest are also Ainaži’s firefighting museum, jetty, and the sandy beach.


Pärnu is almost a 180-year-old resort town with a rich history and an attractive present, where it is nice to spend time.